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Seven reasons why you need wooden custom world maps

wooden world map

Wooden maps have become a hit in current times, not only for Geography and travel enthusiasts, but wooden maps are also attracting people with high aesthetics and lovers of innovative works. Nowadays, people look for something unique, out-of-the-box, and interesting, whether a wall décor or something else. 

Wooden world map is crafted with high-quality plywood and is handmade. And if you are wondering about buying them, keep reading. Here, we will give seven reasons you should buy a wooden world map.  

World maps have fascinated people ever since the time of their invention. They are treasures for globe trotters or Geography lovers. Also, you can have world maps made of wood, gold, mirror, and other materials. Here, we will share 7 reasons for having a wooden world map at your place.


Wall décor 

The wooden world maps are beautifully crafted with the best plywood. The smooth texture and elegant cut of every wooden world map make it an excellent wall décor. A plain and ordinary wall in your house or workplace can turn into a center for attraction with a wooden world map. Using wooden world maps also enhances the look of your home or office and creates a good impression among visitors. 

Fun learning 

    Wooden world maps can also help your child's learning. World maps are essential for various studies like general knowledge, Geography, and History. But, most kids do not find reading the maps in their books interesting and avoid reading them. Wooden maps are also available with land markings which are beneficial for study.  So, if you want to encourage children to read world maps, install wooden world maps in their studies and bedrooms to make learning fun. Wooden world maps hanging on the wall will attract your kid's eyes, and they will read them without you forcing them to do so. 


      World maps are magical, and people cannot take away their eyes off them whenever they see one. But paper maps and glass maps are prone to get damaged easily. For a world map lover, damaging their precious maps is very disheartening. Also, if you damage an expensive glass map, you will struggle with stress and guilt.  But when you buy a wooden world map, there is nothing to worry about its durability. The wooden world maps are made of strong plywood and do not get easily damaged. 

      Elegant looking 

        The look matters, especially when it is a piece of art. The elegant look of the wooden world map will make you instantly fall in love with it. The fine edges and smooth surface make them a piece of art than a simple map.

        wooden world map

        Multiple colours  

          The wooden world maps come in various colours and sizes. The vibrant colours and textures will allow you to choose according to your choice. You can also customise your wooden world maps, like choosing one colour for the whole map or multiple colours for different regions.

          3D wooden maps 

          The wooden world map is also available in 3D versions. They look highly attractive with their 3D detailing. 3D wooden maps are very impressive, and you can use them to preserve travel memories.

          3D wooden world map


          The most attractive feature and one of the primary reasons to have a wooden world map are they are customizable. Custom world maps allow you to customize your wooden world map according to your choice. You can take the entire world map or any specific country. You can also get your wooden world map in different colours, and sizes and with or without markups. 


          A wooden world map is a big sensation in the current market. If you want one for your home, study, or office, you can visit Globenir, one of the top-rated wooden world map providers.


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