About us

Our Inspirations from the Beginning

Welcome to Globenir, where our journey began with a passion for redefining the wanderer's experience. Inspired by the joy of exploration, we envisioned a space for travelers seeking more than just maps—it was about crafting an immersive world. Our vision extends to the future, where we aim to become your ultimate one-stop shop, offering not only our chosen selection but also a range of additional services, including signages , laser cutting and more. Alongside, we also provide customizable gift items to add a personal touch . Come celebrate this incredible journey with us and let Globenir be the starting point for your own narrative. It's a place where you can express your desire to travel, your interest in other cultures, and the experiences that have shaped who you are.


Our Brand

Welcome to Globenir, where our focus is all about making your journey as a wanderer truly extraordinary. From personalized world maps to unique clothing and accessories, we've got everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind experience. But we're not stopping there—we're expanding to be your ultimate destination for exploration.

At Globenir, we believe in the power of customization to bring your adventures to life. Our handpicked collection is designed to make you feel right at home, capturing the spirit of your travels and cultural discoveries. Whether you're a passionate traveler or just love exploring new places, we're here to help you tell your story through our carefully chosen products.

Learn About Our CEO's Journey!

The Start of it All

Growing up, I always believed that traveling was an experience that could never be replaced. A specific trip I took in 2016 is what changed it all. It was a Europe trip that I went on with my family, this sparked a determination inside me to make sure whatever I do in the future for a business includes showing my love and appreciation for our beautiful world.

Post-Graduation the Process Begun

After graduation, I was determined to start my business, so I saved money from my videography work to be able to start the business. After having enough saved to start investing in the business, I started the process of making the products. This was not easy as I would have to go and check prototypes, designs, materials, etc., all of which I wanted to be customized. Some days I'd be working up until 6 am trying to perfect a prototype.

The Business Name was Created

The name "Globenir" came from my wanting to highlight how we can create and provide souvenirs from all around the world in one shop. "Globe" represents our earth and "nir" is taken from "souvenir". After finding the perfect name the motivation to work even harder for this business to succeed doubled.

The Offical First Step

Then one day, two of my friends mentioned to me an event that was going to happen in SRTIP. After attending the event, I came to learn about SOILAB, which would provide me with a workplace to make my maps. I consider this the first proper step towards my business.

The Challenges in Product Development

It was a challenge to set everything up the way I imagined. Due to having to learn new machines, designing, staining, and everything with woodwork. It took a lot of time, effort, and energy but I wanted to make my vision come to life. There had been many mistakes either with not using the proper setting for the laser machines or not properly staining and having to redo the entire process. However, this phase was one of the best since it helped me grow and expand my skills.

The First Prototype

The main issue was customizability and preparing the prototype since I had other obligations and could not stop all my work to focus on map making. However, I managed to make my prototype which I hung up on my wall and now it is a reminder of how far I have come and to keep going.

The First Sale

With the help of friends and family, I was able to build up my stock and start the selling process that I had been planning for months.
It began, my first-ever sale. Many may find this shocking, but my first sale was to the general manager of KLUDI RAK. This company was where I had my university internship. They bought from us a world map and their company logo. This was a surreal moment the feeling of accomplishment only made me even more sure that I needed to continue this business.

The Learning Stage

Of course, at times there were no sales. When I started, I had just graduated with no experience in the business world. As time went by, I understood that sales shouldn't be a determinant of keeping the business going. The positive reactions of people when they saw my products and ideas, their surprised reactions, and standing there on awe, pushed me to keep going.

The Current Focus

At the moment, I feel that the business has huge potential, even though we are facing challenges in expanding globally. While we do sell worldwide, the number of sales for those are exceptionally low. As a startup, it is much harder to compete against the big names; however, I believe we can make it. We are focusing on expanding and getting our business worldwide. As well as, building a strong team to have Globenir be a world wide known brand.

The Future

In the coming years, the business will grow into something new, changing many factors. Globenir will be the one-stop-shop for both businesses and customers, offering a variety of services and products to pick from. Will include but not limited to customization, designing, furniture, signages, and gifting items. This would give our customers a wider spectrum to choose from.